You don’t need tons of gadgets and whatsits that fill your kitchen drawers! Here is my list of equipment that I’ve found are necessary in the kitchen:


  • Digital Scale-The MOST important item you can buy is a digital scale. I bought Ozeri’s digital scale back in 2015 purely because of how cheap and highly rated it was on Amazon. It’s 2019 now, and there are over 16,000 reviews! Game changer. Pretty much everywhere EXCEPT in the United States the metric system is used in recipes. What that means is ingredients are measured in grams, milliliters, pounds…etc., whereas the U.S. measure by cups or teaspoons/tablespoons. I honestly don’t know why someone changed it that way-it’s highly inaccurate.

    When you use a digital scale to measure your ingredients, you know you’re getting a 100% accurate amount of what you need. For example, if a recipe calls for one large egg, the size of the egg you have at home compared to what was actually used in the recipe can easily vary and is rarely the same weight. Having the recipe measure it in grams allows you to get the exact amount the author was intending. In macarons, having too much of an egg (white) ruins the entire batch, either making it too runny or too thick, thus the need to use a scale.

  • Electric mixer-I don’t know where I’d be without my Kitchen Aid. Yes, they’re expensive. Yes, you will use them ALL the time. Electric mixers are so much stronger than a hand mixer, and the possibilities are endless of what you can make, like homemade marshmallows, which is something a hand mixer can’t do.

  • Sifter-I never thought sifting flour or powdered sugar or baking soda/powder was necessary until I seriously got into baking. You want a smooth frosting? Sift your powdered sugar (and have room temp butter). Want macarons that don’t have bumps in them? Double sift your almond flour and powdered sugar. There is so much moisture in the air, and all it does is form hard little lumps that sneak in to your baking! Sifting is extremely important also because it adds air into the sugar or flour and makes it light and fluffy. Seriously. Sifting makes the outcome of whatever you’re making better.

  • Food processor-Tim and I got two food processors for our wedding, one large and one mini, and I can’t believe I lived without them before! I’ve used them to make hazelnut cream, almond butter, chop chocolate, finely mix almond flour/powdered sugar for macarons, mix dough for pie crust, make ice cream, hummus, chop herbs…etc. Seriously, if you don’t have a food processor, get one.  It saves so much time, especially in baking.